Monday, December 05, 2005

express your feelings/thought..

i have learned to always express my true feelings whenever it is appropriate. provided it does not hurt others. provided it does not harm others.

one of the ways for me to express my feelings and thought is through my blog which it is mine and simply up to me write whatever things that pop up in my mind and that i feel like spilling it out. and i dont think i should give a damn on what ppl think as i dont think i wrote a lot about others in here. its purely about me and ME. once in a while aje ade story bout others. and I never have any problem on what ppl write in their blog or how they wrote it. why should i care as long as it didnt disturb keamanan sejagat dah la. ehe.

so, how do i feel right now? got no feeling. upset for the day. hurm.

lunch time!


lost key said...

at the time when one's feeling dissapered that was the way the feeling had been expressed.

shu said...

u mean, when u love someone, only when the feeling has disappeared it is expressed. owh. nvrmd, all this is subjective. depends on each individuals.

Lost Key said...

oh, i didn't get that it was a love thing.

shu said...

hmm.. no la. not exactly love thing. it could be any feeling. nice day!

Anonymous said...

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