Tuesday, December 27, 2005

long silence..

Its been a while since the last time i blogged. my last blog entry titles 'fever' actually explains it a bit, but yet not much. i have been on MC from 13th Dec till 31st Dec. great huh? but not so good, actually. for the week of 12 - 16th Dec, i have been on MC because of fever. On Saturday the 17th, i was admitted to Ampang Puteri. We are actually at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Holiday. But seriously i can tell u, from friday (day before my father sent me to hospital) till Saturday nite, i remember nothing. thats the first time i've ever lost my mind. i had no memory of what happened during that two days in Bukit Tinggi, till i woke u saturday midnight in Ampang Puteri ICU. First time also being admitted to ICU. why? Dengue fever with acute hepatitis. My liver was inflammed. my Liver enzyme was 5000; which normal person should only be 25-50. Thats why i was admitted to ICU.

Till 19th Dec, i was in Ampang Puteri. Then my father decided to transfer me to Mahkota Medical Center in Melaka. Easier for my parents to look after me. So,that nite i was transfered to Mahkota. And i was there till 25th Dec. Hows my condition? Damn weak. For friends who smsed and called - that i didnt reply. sorry, really sorry. i was really sick last few weaks.

To those who read this, please pray for my speedy recovery. this thursday i got follow up appoinment with my doctor.
btw, i am still YELLOW. worrying. any advise beside goat milk?


Lisan said...

That was very scary man! But it's really good to hear that you're fine and recovering now. Eat more, don't be afraid of 'short and fat', it won't happen to u. Rest more and may God bless u abundantly. Hope to see u soon and take care!

Lost key said...

uh, i really thought ur silence might had to do with the title of ur last entry. Only that i wasn't sure either it was a new job fever (thought u might had been bzying preparing for the next job) or it was really a serious fever.

'm praying for u.
Keep on smiling and believing. It may help.

zura lias said...

GET WELL SOON...patut le ko senyap jer..
take care key..

Dila said...

oooo.. was worried sikit jugak, since another blogger have well.. arrr.. touchwood! Mls nk ckp..

Have a speedy recovery. Dont work too hard.

nurul said...

akak, i have an alternative.sorang kawan nurul pon admitted mcm akak jugak.
why dun u try air musoffa? tatau la..tp kat uia ni ader jual.for 500ml rm10.give it a try.mane tahu..ni sume keje tuhan.

shu said...

dear all,