Thursday, January 12, 2006


everyday, same cycle will go on.. urgh..

tomorrow i gotta date.. with Dr Kok.. heheh.. my follow up appoinment. mntk2 la ok. kalo kene postpone lagi keje ni, ade je axon takmo accept terus. lagi pun dah lama sgt cuti. jadi sangap pulak.

tapi nak start keje minggu depan pun cuak jugak. tadi ade chat ngan mei ken.

shu: hows work at there?
MK: its difficult to say. next week when u come in, u'll know.
MK: u'll come next week right?
shu: most likely i will.


semalam i watch a movie "A walk to remember". best and sedey. tapi best. light movie, tapi it did effect me a bit. thanks to my sis.

aaa... sangap nye..


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