Thursday, January 05, 2006

year 2005

things happened in 2005:

January - my car being banged at One Utama parking lot

February - didnt remember

March - BMW system down. disaster. worst i have ever seen so far.
- went to UK.

April - Nothing interesting..

May - My parents went to australia. they had an accident. we were so worried during that time.

June - nothing much

July - again, nothing much. Project in Maybank. Maybank??? heh..

August - my last month in BMW.

September - did few installations on my own. and one migration project for DKSH done with douglas.

October - assigned to eGenting for a month.

November - back in f&n

December - dengue. what a tragedy to end the year.

perhaps, last year, nothing much happened. kind plain but.. memorable.


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