Wednesday, February 22, 2006

dizziness.. drowsiness..

urgh, fourth day. of course too tired already. cant wait for tomorrow 7am. ha, i got a long weekend! don't be jealous!!!

yesterday, on my way back home, i heard a news from Era (its a radio station - to those who is not aware ;p) that Renu contact lense solution is not suppose to be used anymore. It caused about 30+ ppl getting some symptom with their eyes (im not sure what is it). I didn't hear the news properly as i was too busy scolding the car driver in front of me who drove like kucing ~ ermm not sure what kucing got anything to do with this. whoever heard the new properly, kindly let me know is it true that its 'Renu' and what actually the solution done to their eyes, urghh mata ku). since today i planned to go to amcorp to pay my credit card bill, i better get other solution for my lense. hurmm.. i love my eyes... lalala..

i paid my traffic summon thru online today. not sure whether really accepted or not as Rilek said if it exceed the date it might not be able to go thru. might have to go to police station. i checked my father's summon. duh... 38 summons. adeih la..

paid my ptptn for three months and phone bill.. huh.. today is the day to pay all my bills. before i forgotten it all..

anyone knows where i can buy archie comics bnyk2 with cheap price. CM ade ke ek. dulu giant shah alam ade, but i've bought it all.. hehe. ngantuk uwarghhhhhh...

ok la. nak baca archie. good day all!!


dania said...

dlm wallet aku ade bykkkk card. atm card,kfc card,guess card(beli cleo dpt percuma),kelly card,astro card,lrt card,bonuslink card,reload card,business card,kad kawin..kad gores...blabla

shu said...

ade kad kawen dlm wallet sehhh... this year aku tak bli cleo masa awal tahun, kalo tak sure dpt guess card.. huh..