Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the guy was gorgeous, he was cool..

he has almost everything i am looking for in a guy..
the way he dress, he talks, he walks..
the way he carries himself..
so caring and protective that he won't let anyone hurt his girl..
gangster a bit, but yet so sweet..
not that romantic but again very sweet in his own way..
he may not has everything in his life.. but, he'll to everything
to get his gurl anything she wants.. but of course thru the right way..

he is just him.. and i like him the way he is..

but why its 'WAS' not 'IS'?????

the guy was gorgeous, he was cool -- korean fantasy movie

//so maybe, guy like that just exist in fantasy, maybe... who knows..
//its upseting if it really is.. ain't it?????

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