Thursday, March 16, 2006

its friday..

finally!! the last working day of this week has arrived. yeaaayyy!!!

my work for now has almost done. Not exactly to say 'done' coz i'm installing ECC-DIMP 5.0 on our ECC5 system. however it ended in error. some table has been repaired and i could not find any overwrite option. since too tired, decide to work on in further next week. now, still working on it, who know might get the solution, but my brain kinda slowing down a bit.

this weekend am going back to melaka. it's been a while since the last time i went back. lately my parents always been here. so balik ni tido jap, then baru blk la. rs cam nak lunch with augustin first. but have to see la what time i'll wake up.

all, have a nice friday and an enjoyable weekend!

to those going to Ulu Yam (kuza la), send my regards to those yg dtg. cant make it this time. got things to settle. share photos with me, ok? ade yg ensem2 (bkn classmate kita aaa), amik la gamba and kem slm skali aaa..

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