Tuesday, March 07, 2006

update! update!

hehe.. these last few weeks a bit pack since i am on AM shift starts at 7am till 3pm. during these hours bnyk la jgk kerja. good for us. got some chargebility time. otherwise die lor.

life been hectic these few weeks too. im getting my new house (parents' house to be exact) ready. going to move in very very very soon. duit pun dah licin. duit my parents sure lagi licin. hurmm.. but im kinda excited of this moving thing except i dont like packing. packing nak blk kg pun malas, ni kan pulak nak pack sume harta utk memindahkan diri.

working has been a pleasure for the time being. next week will be nite shift. so, more updates here since less work.

gtg.. works piling up..

nice day y'all!!