Thursday, April 13, 2006

its friday! ~ rojak topic

finally, friday come along. paying me another visit. in about two hours, my working hours gonna finish. felt tired, dizzy. this morning dont feel so well. vomitting. might be gastric, or what-so-ever. luckily i reached last working day of the week. today not much chargeability. loadsssss to do, but i just dont feel like working. MK on emergency leave. otherwise i would have took mc. working like this also, is not so good. not much that i got done.
i read someone's blog. ter'ran' over the blog actually. suddenly, i feel like crying. not because of the entry. but the comments. something triggered in my head, i shouldn't have trusted him. he playing a fool. bloody hell.. who does he think he is.. arghhh.. let it be.. (who do i think i am?) huh.. dont wanna care so much. but, it hurts. hard to explains why. its like ~ u like someone, he's being so nice to u all these while. he makes u like him. more than normal 'like'. all the sweet2 talk, he is bullshitting me, damn. but actually he IS like that with all gurls, maybe all ppl. so, dont fall easily to a sweet talker, my dear gurl. my bad, my mistake.
lately been crying a lot. what happened to me lah. so weak. tgk 'windstruck' pun meleleh. maybe org lain tgk takde ape pun. tgk 'if only' pun dah nak nangis, tu tgk sikit je sbb dah nak pegi kerja. huh. gotta change. but, feeling, is not something that we can simply throw away in split second, i think.
happy weekend, folks!


akooza said...

relaks...stop crying...guys,semuanye sama je...(ops,aku lak emo)...aku pun frustrated gek :(

dania said...

ko dah tgk Wicker Park? kalo blom pegi cari dvd die..seriess talk. nangis punye

Dila said...

Actually you are right. Guys who know the girls is head over heels over him, should stop hurtin them with their sweet talk.

Sheesh. It hurt. I know. Kinda in the same boat too. So just live ur life.

Note: Love sucks.

shu said...

my dear kuza,
yerp, most guys are the same. bloody selfish. only some that really worth it.

dear dania,
wicker park? tak penah tgk. citer ape tuh? will find out.

guggly dila...
lets take the boat to better place!!


ska_ocean said...

aku pun nak join ko ngan dilla naik boat... lalalal~