Thursday, April 13, 2006

its just.. plainly blank..

~listening to Romance de Amor - Richard Clayderman~
A: i want u to meet someone..
B: ..
A: he's quite nice.. he just came to my office few days back..
B: erm..
A: are u listening?
B: yerp, o'coz..
A: he asked about u?
B: owh..
A: then?
B: then, what?
A: dont feel like getting to know him?
B: what for?
A: he's nice, kinda cute..
B: cute? i am cute too.. hahahaha..
A: be nice, pls.. get to know him first, ok?
B: do i hv to? (muke seposen)
A: ....
B: is he different?
A: yup, his girl just married to other guy..
B: owh, patah tumbuh hilang berganti uh.. thats sad.. what does he look like?
A: bla bla bla.. it doesn't hurt to give it a try.. be friends..
B: for now, i hate guys..
A: u dont hate all of them, i know. why is that?
B: u know why.. dont u?
B: owh A, pls.. we hv this discussion before..
B: feel like im gonna puke.. owh pls..
: ~it goes on...

//**is 24 too old? i don't feel old. but its just that when one by one of your friend start getting married, its kinda odd.. but, i'm still young.. so does B.. might be younger than me. who is B? am not so sure too..**//
sometimes when u are hurt, u dont feel like being hurt again. unless, the dumbass.. who never say no to 'hurt', good also, uh.. my heart is aching.. so does my head.. so does my liver..

"When we are young, days seems short, years seems long. When we are at old age, days are long, years seems short"


ska_ocean said...

hey shu, aku stil 23 babe.. sometimes 17...
life so short, make it nice..
guy tade takpe, jgn Tuhan takde dlm hati kite...

shu said...

aku always 12.. muahaha.. tu yg tak sedo dah tua.. masak pun lom khatam.. hancuss,..

Anonymous said...

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