Wednesday, April 26, 2006

today, I went to klia consultancy services. Their system was down. This is the first time I was sent out to customer's site after 3 months working here. Of course we support customer from offshore. Only few local customers. That explains why. So, nikki just want me to get out once in while. Luckily, managed to brought up the system after one hour boggling around the server. The problem was exactly the same as the system I screwed up few weeks back. Not really me who screwed up, but I took the responsibilities, no big deal. (really??).
Then, I went back to office, fetch nikki and mk, went out for luncheon at sri petaling. Mk was complaining about my car, hehe. My car is like my room too. Almost la. she also asked me to fix my plat number ~ maybe should get it done tomorrow. "kene saman nanti", katanya.
Came back from lunch, writing a report from kliacs. Then, just trying startup the internal systems which until now still down. Hehe. Not really a packed up day. But tiring a bit as it's a hot day and hv to drive around.
That all for now, folks.

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