Friday, April 21, 2006

the week has ended..

phewhh.. what a week.

another damage done earlier this week. however, now, i gone thru it and let it go. dont want to keep blaiming myself. dont want to keep destroying own-self.. luckily lotsa experts in the team. if all like me, die lor.

this week lots of things happened. nurul, who sit right in front of me - resigned. i dont even have a single idea that she have resigned until she really gone. Last week i was on night shift. then, last monday datang office, one whole day tak nampak dia. ingat dah fly to uk.before i left office, sempat la tanya yaacob where is she. resigned. must've got better option. she's here for only a month i think. hrmm. baru nak start kawan2. dah cha alip bot.

this week also we did 4 systems refresh. tapi satu kaput. kebetulan aku la plk yg wat post processing. huh. not sure where it went wrong. tension habis. most likely DR nyer db pun dah corrupt since we refresh from DR server. screwed. bloody screwed.

this week also Tu dah come back from Manchester. Hari ni sbnrnya dia baru masuk office. But he's flying to US pulak nanti. best nya. no need to do shift work. haha.

one whole week aku tak masak. Hari ni balik melaka, mama terchenta masak sambal ikan n sup sayur. pergh.. orang masak memang selalu sedap. sendiri masak ade kureng sket. berselera sket aku dinner. kalo tak aku tak dinner pun. balik umah lepas keje, tgk tv, then tidoooo..

today kami dapat letter for salary adjustment. mmg semua orang dapat increment kot. but for consultant kalo dulu ade 13month salary bonus. sekarang sume based salary je. for senior consultant best yang amat la.

weekend has started.. enjoy!