Saturday, May 20, 2006

do not talk to stranger

tengah seronok menonton Five Children and It, got a call from 038991****. Noorul called. "shu, ade BMC alert for Southwark" kata noorul.. "ala..." jwb ku. "sian dia.."

maka 4 jam selepas it aku mengadap computer utk mengsolvekan problem. Luckily candra n nikki helped. i cant even login to the server, bloody....

nikki n candra said last time when first time they are login on, they have same prob, even nikki have same situation when a P2 ticket came in. all i can say "the servers have been told not to talk to stranger.."


Izhal said...

no idal about what you have just said... servers can also be asked not to talk to strangers??? so in server land, there must be firends and foes and passerby servers just like in our dunia yang fana???

i bet ud be very good in taking care of the server here... i just logon and do my work, kalau ada problem, this human that can talk to servers is called upon :)

shu said...

hehehe.. problem is that, servers nowadays wont listen to me anymore. keep kicking me off their brain. sampai hati mereka.