Wednesday, May 31, 2006

gath @ Madam Kwan's

On 31st May 2006, me, kuza, aida, fir, zura and ana gathered at Madam Kwan's in Midvalley. Lama betul tak jumpe diorg esp Aida. Since abes study dulu la, bout 2 yrs back.

Ana, me and zura

Fir, aida and kuza

aku makan laksa..
Beside makan, kami berborak sakan and we shopped!! tak sempat la nak shopping lama. even penat after whole day berkejar2 from office to f&n, aku still manage to stay awake sampai la aku reach home @11pm that nite. Anyway, i was having a good time. thanks to AIDA for the dinner.

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