Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lanyard & pullreel

one morning, all malaysian staff here got a mail from pearly to collect lanyard & pullreel from her desk @ 3pm. Please be sharp, the mail said.

I was wondering, what in the world were those things? heard someone asking, "is it new shirt? can't be." then everyone start chattering. haha. thought i was the only one who is so blur. got gangs. good. at least don't feel so bad. anyway, there's no need to feel so bad, right? not everyone knows everything in this world. but what lanyard and pullreel are??

pearly gotta send another mail to everyone with pic of lanyard & pullreel.

this is my new lanyard n pullreel

however, after few days, most of us still using the old ones. Lanyard and pullreel..

the old one

from the pics, there's not much difference. but.. in real.. loadssss.. since my existing lanyard & pullreel still new as i just joined last january, i rather stick with the old one. It got class.

so, for those who not know what those are called in english, now u know. for those who knew, u can laugh if u find me too dumb/blur. but i wont give a damn. heh.

Lanyard and pullreel.


ska_ocean said...

wah, aku still dun get it even after kamek nanggah the pic.. Ape sebenaqnye bende tuh shu? The purpose / functions? Huhuhu!

shu said...

tu bende yg slalu tergantung kat leher menggantikan rantai emas. utk gantung access/staff card.

Anonymous said...

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