Tuesday, May 02, 2006

so tired. not becoz too much work that i have done. but, bcoz i didn't get enough sleep yesterday. too difficult to sleep. and now i am damn sleepy, luckily most of the things to do are done. its only 3:30am now. phewwhh. long way to go.
today i had a very 'good' conversation with my cousin about 'job'. seems like finally someone agree with me. sometimes, job is not only to earn money (yet money is needed, esp for the shopaholic like me), but then whether we feel happy doing the work itself or not, that does matter. However, when think of job nowadays, i have to be rational. otherwise, i would jump off the building. no one would agree if i am about to change the path that i am on now. i am in one of the best company in my line. i am in a team consists of experts. maybe the best work team i could ever be in locally and globally. of course, the money is good. so ~ people say, what else do you want, gurl? -- thankful for what we have got.
uh.. gotta stop. my notebook keep hanging. not sure whats wrong. just like my brain now, keep hanging. trying to setup SAP connect ended up staring at the screen point blank.

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