Monday, June 19, 2006

been tagged... by embun kuza

3 Questions

name 3 schools u went to(latest)

name 3 things in ur purse/backpack/bag
- ic
- resits
- cards

name 3 things u do when u're really stressed

name 3 places u go on a daily basis
-tpm, ent4, LL4, Level 4
-one of the lot in The lake
-7e (almost)

name 3 favourite fruits
-Biawak (ermm)

3 names u go by

3 of ur favourite foods
-Laksa Penang
-Tom Yam
-Rojak Buah

3 things u r wearing right now
-cotton Baju kurung
-contact lense

The Whos

who's in the house with u?
no one..

who (or what) r u thinking about right now?
-kuza (br bc blog dia)
-Baya (br baca mail dia)
-Eponine (dah blk ke blm akak tu)

who did u last talk to on the phone?
-UK Savvis

who do u sit next to in your class?
embun besau...

who was the last person u told u loved?
my dad in his fathers day card

who do wish u were right now?
just me

who gets on ur nerves the most at school?
ntah ler

The Wheres

where do u live?
-kota kemuning

where is ur phone?
-dlm handbag, nape?

where do u sleep?
-atas katil

where is the last place u took a ride to?

where are u now?

The Whats

what was the last thing u ate?
-biskut teddy

what colour shirt r u wearing?

what is the closest item near u that is blue?

what do u like best about school?

what is ur favourite colour?
-cream/white/pink/anything light

what do u wear more: jeans or shorts?

what is the last movie that u watched?
-lupa la.. asyik tgk bola je

The Whens

when did u start school?
5 yrs old

when is ur birthday?
9th June 1982 ~ how young i am.. :p

when did u last go to the mall?
Saturday, MP

when was the last time u bought a pair of pants?
last month kot

when did u last burn something?
not sure

Next victim would beaaa..sape ek..
-Bahiyah Nor
-Nurul Liza


nurulliza said...

kak shu,victim yg ke-2 tu,nurul liza tuh,mcm name ker? muahahaha..

shu said...

yup dear

Anonymous said...

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