Wednesday, June 21, 2006

decide it yourself

i got to decide something that i think a bit difficult. i have to choose:

either (a)
i want to be fulltime at one of the local customer's place as i am the most familiar with their environment

or (b)
stay @ the office supporting UK customers

If (a)
-no shift - normal/fix working hours
-dekat je dgn rumah
-chargeability will be very high

- static in term of knowledge - one environment only

If (b)
- get to communicate more with MY and UK Basis
- more systems/environments to learn/play around
- won't get left out on technologies

- we are going for 24/7 support soon. no weekend on normal weekend anymore :(. aku dah tgk rota for 24/7 nnt, for almost 4/5/6 months i dont have weekend on Saturday n Sunday. huh. sib baik single.

Aku memang berat sikit part keje shift ni. bila tiba nite shift je mood aku really goes down the mountain. huh. tapi i don't wanna missed out all the new thing i have learned for the past 6 months. UK punya systems mmg more complicated than malaysian customer's system. always got new things to learn, in fact never stop learning. always got to do new things. i enjoyed that. nite shift je yg i still cant take it.

maybe i have to sit and really think of what i want. for now, since not much responsibilities, kalo keje all the time pun tak kisah kot. "selagi single, pulun je semua", kata cousin ku. masa ni la ek nak kumpul experience. nnt dah tua2 sket aku pun malas nak keje2 malam ni. igt dulu tak jadi doktor tak payah la keje malam2 or on-call. huhu.. dulu aku slalu teman cousin aku, (doktor kat klinik az-zahrah, kajang) p keje malam masa sblm dia kawen. masa tu aku dah terase, takmo la jadi doktor. ended up, same aje...

sometimes, we can't have it all. the comfort and everything lah. so choose one... hope i won't regret my choice this time.


Anonymous said...

you must really think it over & over before you make your decision. What's your priority in your life? Being a single, you may think it's OK to work night shift, but for how long you remain a single? What happen when you get married & have a baby? Are you willing to leave your baby at night to your husband & your baby sitter?

Miss Kuza said...

1 of my sr,pun keje mcm ko..tak tentu dia lelaki la...w/pun lelaki,dia still fikir nk keluar dr bidang keje tu...aku rasa,ko pon tau cmna keje betul2...yg ptg,jgn pergi jauh sgt dr idup aku nih..huhuhu...

Dila said...

Oh sama lah aku.

pilihan 1)
- gaji kecik
- experience nada
- tapi dpt working hour and cuti as Malaysian does

pilihan 2)
- gaji besa cikit
- experience lebey
- work in public hols and shift lagi.. yg lg teruk lagi
- lagi sgt2 tough environment
- jauh dr umah

So aku amik pilihan 3. Duk kat tmpt skang.. sampai ade pilihan 4 5 6 yg lagi bagus. Muehehehe.

p/s: aku dah mual gile gile keje shift. Not so much as shift. Cuma cuti tu je aku sakit hati skit.