Sunday, June 11, 2006

~~ in her shoes ~~

~~~~ di suatu hari yg berbahagia.. aku watched this movie.. -- penah tgk? a bit dragging tapi sbb aku tgk sambil chatting so tak perasan sgt la. Back to the movie..

This story is about two sisters whose lost their mother at a very young age - father married another one (sounds familiar). Rose (eldest - a lawyer) and Maggie (the younger ones - party gurl). Two very different character, very different person. The only common things - DNA and shoes size..

Maggie been thrown out from the parents house by the stepmom one nite as she came home drunk. Rose took her home. Rose has a boyfriend - who is her boss/colleague. From that day on, Maggie start taking her sisters - shoes (seriously Rose bnyk kasut, to ppl who always complains about my SHOES, please do watch this movie), money, job, and even her sister's boyfriend (scares me) - slept with the boyfriend on her sister's bed - what in the world is she thinking? (pengarah suruh). Of course maggie is a more interesting person - young, fun, crazy funky, sexy.. yet Rose is a sweet but slightly more serious kinda person.

Rose can't bear living in a house with the sister - she asked Maggie to leave. Maggie left to her grandma's house which they haven't visited since their mom passed away - as the father and grandma tak ngam. Maggie know where her grandma is from the cards addressed to her from grandma that her father kept, she accidentally found it in her father's drawer.

While living with the grandmother, Maggie changed. Being more responsible person. In the end - Maggie managed to straightened things up with her sister. And Rose finally got married with other guy who has liked her since long ago - Maggie helped to design Rose's wedding dress. Which more sweet too hihi. I like the ending ~ hate the beginning. however, some say, happy ending is for story that not yet ends..

-ever been hit that hard? or harder maybe?


Anonymous said...

apa tajuk cite tu??
In her shoes ke?
dari apa yg awak citer cam menarik je...:)

Izhal said...

you really fast forwarded the movie... heheh...

a compliment for your mother, she looks like your elder sister :)

shu said...


yeap.. tajuk dia 'in her shoes'..

hehehe.. mmg sy fast forward kan. tiba2 terasa panjang sgt nak cerita semua. hehe..

Anonymous said...

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