Thursday, July 13, 2006

"feeling small"

While sitting alone, thinking and keep thinking, feel as though am so small. I AM SMALL in size, thats undeniable but thats not the SMALL
that i mean here.

feeling VERY small as hambaNya.

feeling small as a daughter.

feeling small as a sister.

feeling small as a friend.

feeling small as a team player.

feeling small as a piano student.

why i am feeling this way at times?

Amal ku not enough at ALL. May i always remember to whom i belong and to whom i will return.

i feel like i havent done enough as a daughter and a sister. have i ever neglected what they want?

am i always there when a friend needs me? hope i do, even at times i myself was drifting away. i always felt left out but doesnt matter. am used to it. ;p

have i contribute enough to my team? am i a burden? at times i am a burden to them :D. have i helped those who in need? i really hope so.

piano? ergh.. still merangkak2.. but, am getting better even at times i felt as though i am going to give it up. work is enough to make me tired these days. but when come to think back, at least piano set my mind away from office for a while.

is it OK?

i think its ok as no one is purrrrfecccttt. All we could do is try to do the best and hope everything goes smoothly. of course there are bumps every now and then. whats life without ups and downs. those makes us stronger and better each day. Its just the matter of handling things inside you.

About feeling small.. my father always says "size isn't matter. whats in your heart is important."

"every story has an end, but in life, every ending is a beginning to a new one"