Wednesday, July 05, 2006

gloomy days..

sun seems didnt shine that bright lately..

even at times, i felt as though sun not even out.

what has happened? and why is it happening?

days like this could continue till forever..

if i, myself not changing it..

not sure whether to begin..

but moon seems lovely tonight..

my heart feels lighter..

hope it will stay this way.. forever..

i wish..


Izhal said...

eh salah blog ke ni??? oh tidak... tersangatlah indahnya tag picture blog ni... dsign sendiri ke Cik Shu???

shu said...

tak salah.. betul2...

tak buat sendiri.. search in net.. :p..

tak sempat nak buat sendiri.. hihihi..

Anonymous said...

waaaa...nice layout, congrat.
i like the phrase at the bottom of the strong.
Let bygone be bygone...ada hikmah disebalik semua ketentuanNya.

Anonymous said...

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