Monday, July 03, 2006

Make him your history~~~

25 +ve affirmation to show him he's a history.

  1. have a pity on him - yea at times.
  2. buff up your nail (pamper yourself) - ha.. baru start lah ni..
  3. become an enigma - am single!! (enough?)
  4. check out his friend - tak kuase
  5. Go public - will do, nak masuk espn..
  6. accessories - beli tak pakai.. nak buat ape..
  7. have a milk bath - yea
  8. forget his number - done!
  9. vacate your house - not a single trace of him around anymore..
  10. go shopping - hehehe mmg hobby ku
  11. borrow a pet - erm..
  12. get awarded - ermm.. belum dpt jd malaysian idol lagi. tak ckp ketinggian..
  13. throw a party - kenduri la bgs..
  14. "Dear ***.." write a letter to spill everything out.. - done, but not sent, after reading it back, felt much better..
  15. Get the rock - i dont like The rock... i like takuya.. hihi..
  16. be a man - what???? duh..
  17. get a facial - yea.. sendiri punya..
  18. do a puzzle - yerp, my fav in fact... sape nak tolong buat meh la dtg umah..
  19. get a medical - dah..
  20. learn a musical instrument - on going.. pianina..
  21. box him up - huh? abes la aku..
  22. revive your career - :)
  23. kick him out.. of your system - uh.. dlm process.
  24. meet his mother.. to irritate him - no way!
  25. don't regret anything - am not.. oh yea???

these twenty five points i came across while reading old issue of cleo.. back in october 2004.

so, lets make a new story as he has become a history..