Monday, July 24, 2006

monday, not my fav day. however, it still have to come as without monday, then no tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday!!!!!

am on morning shift this week, my work started at 7am this morning. very hard to wake up. but remembering that i can go back early, i managed to get my head off the pillow.

everytime i got to talk to the one i like, my heart felt light the next few hours, in fact sometimes, whole day. at least for today, it was till 4pm, till i saw an accident which almost make me burst out. haih. kesian dia.

earlier i was in a very good mood to blogging. but now, my mood really goes down the hill.. kesas highway still jam now. /sad..

di saat waktu berhenti,
dimensi membutakan mata,
memekakkan telinga,
lalu diri menjadi hampa..


Izhal said...

semua hiway story jam je ni... camno depa buat hiway ni...

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