Friday, July 21, 2006

what a day..

what a day..

finally friday came to gimme another visit, am glad. really. it's started as not a very nice day. am starting to feel depressed which i should not be as my favourite day is here. but yet, things that happening this morning really upset me in one way or another. lets skip this part as remembering it does not makes me feels good @ all.

lunch we went out for McD. actually i cant take mcD anymore. tak boleh nak masuk dah tekak ni. but since i really need some time out from the office so i joined Jimmy, Kiang, Epo and MK. at least a bit lega la after that.

after lunch we got team meeting. Meeting on our 24*7 shift and also some other matters. but the main agenda was our 24*7 shift. of course when we joined we never expect we gonna have to do this kind of shift, but, we tried to come out with the best plan so that everyone satisfy with the whole things and package. of course, we request for damn high shift allowance. haih, basis always like this.

then, been packed whole afternoon. Until 6:30pm then i got to cabut. I got dinner to attend!! dinner supposely @ 7pm. huh. sure cant make it. on the way nak keluar office i bumped into ehem2. haih, dia senyum (tehehe, padahal mmg dgn sume org pun dia senyum, haha) but, i cant recall whether i smiled back or not (d-uh), sibuk cari car key dlm handbag punya pasal, melepas. sigh.. lupakan..

Almost 8pm, me and augustin reached Victoria Station, PJ where we found Kharthi, Lisan, Kak Noli and Tarmizee already waiting. It has been a while since the last time we sat together sharing stories, jokes and talking rubbish. hehe. check out the pics: augustin, kharthi, tarmizee, lisan, kak noli and me. i have had a good time. hope the rest did too.

now am tired, feel like watching korean movie.

have a nice weekend, y'all!!


Lisan said...

i had a great time too. Didn't manage to talk much with u, but really enjoyed the dinner. Take care always.

zino said...

salam kenal..

dah lama tak ke victoria station.. selalunya kat jalan ampang sana je..

Izhal said...

wah lepak beefy outlets seharian... mcD dah lama tak pi but Vic Station tak prnah pi... takut,they say the price is sky high...

melepeh la tak sengeh tak mamat tu... heheh...

ps-i love thursdays since i was a kid like mad... found out a few days back that my wife was born on a thursday... X-files stuff haaa...

shu said...

am glad. we can have dinner some other time. then we can chat like hell esp about P_ (you know who), sorry i am not there for u.

Hi zino,
saya pun br first time ke VS.

hi izhal,
yeah the VS food prices are quite expensive. at first when i saw the menu, i was like.. errkkk.. sigh. but its only once in a while. with special friends. its not always and my friend buying some more (felt guilty though). next time maybe i'll buy the dinner.

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