Monday, August 21, 2006

been away..

Thursday 17th Aug 2006

I went back to Melaka after work..

Friday 18th Aug 2006

went to 'site' as my father call it now ~ which actually, my father's house ~ under construction. new contractor that working on it now ~ working quite hard rather than the previous contractor. my father is happier. glad.

in the afternoon we went to JB. Picked up my sis in STF, ate goreng pisang at warong near Hyatt. Then checked in @ Puteri Pacific.

Saturday 19th Aug 2006

Someone getting married today!!!

not a very awesome experience going into Singapore ~ stucked in traffic jam to cross the border.

reached Singapore around 12pm. Convoy bout 4 cars. Went to Woodlands where my auntie's house is. the only thing came to my mind when i got to Singapore after 18 years never been there, "the country is damn clean, everything looks so.. in order". its a nice view. even the low cost flat is bloody clean compared to Condo in the country i belong. how could this be possible? everyone knows how, no need to mention here.

Owh, back to the wedding.. its my cousin's; Abg Inn and his beloved wife, Herni. Congratulation to both of them.

Semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat..

After the wedding, we went to Causeway Point; which just a walking distance from Abg Inn's house. Nothing special, same as Mahkota Parade etc. After maghrib, we had dinner and the went back to JB. Had a good sleep until i didnt even realised that my mobile rang; sorry..

Sunday 20th Aug 2006

We went back to Singapore for 'bersanding' ceremony. phewh.. stucked in traffic again. But better rather than the day before. we also went to Old Woodlands.. where i got my new phone, lalalala. finally, my old phone got it's rest time. Around 6pm we left my cousin's place, at 9+pm we reached Melaka. Tired, really!

If you hardly see motorists stuck in jam, here.. u can see one.. they also got to queue up ~ on the way out from Singapore.

Need a rest now. too tired and sleepy. Gotta work at 7am next morning. More pics will be in my fotopages, erm.. tomorrow, maybe.

nice day y'all..


Izhal said...

interesting and fast paced life you are leading lately neeee... nak buat camna, hidup kat 'site' heheh... your father is a witty person i presume :)

shu said...

my father normally said that he's going to site when he's going to his clients' sites; undercons house etc, but these days, its HIS, and he's excited about it.

lately been running here and there.. but its nice.. at least i got no time for boredom. :)

Sally said...

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