Tuesday, August 01, 2006

night shift again..

this week i am on night shift 'again'. i am on night shift one week earlier as i swap partner since mk is on project. so now am partnering with azli. yesterday and the day before quite bz with refresh for TfL and also bz menahan rasa mengantuk. tonight, hopefully no more refresh. tak kuase dah. have to prepare backup report for TfL ~ lagi. best ada keje tuk TfL ni, chargeability bnyk sket :p.

bulan ni seems pack. got two weddings, one is my cousin's @ Singapore on 20th Aug. another one, along's kat JB on 26th (eh?). bnyk leave nak kene reapply as my team might need to go for 24*7 operation by mid of this month. dah la for both wedding, dah nak start turun jb on Friday. Saturday n Sunday pun kene mntk cuti. then there's one of the monday i'm on night shift, which means i'll start work sunday night. haih.larat ke aku.

aku masih blm blh nak terima kenyataan that i have to work 24*7 shift. sbb dulu masa signed offer letter, there's no such term saying that we might have to work 24*7. really, i have no intention to work in this kind of shift. never have it in my mind. but what to do. tak suka cari keje lain la kan.. bnyk je company lain guna SAP. bnyk je consultancy company yg lain kan. kalo dah tak suka la. tapi.. there's a big BUT there. no need to mention... ganbatei!

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Izhal said...

just about to ask you bila nak shift malam...lahai dah kena... exercise mata tu supaya tak tumbuh eye baggs... kang nampak tua... tak cun la gitu...

okay, ganbatei-kudasaiiii