Wednesday, September 27, 2006

almost 9yrs...

this morning while me n azli having sahur at Restoran Maju in Sri Petaling, there's group of ladies coming into the restaurant too. I rarely like to look at ppl especially when they are in group and they are ladies. haha. actually i dont really like to really 'look' at ppl, becoz if i just come into a bank/shop/restaurant, i do not like everyone looking at me either. make me feel awkward. However, so happened i was too rajin to look at this batch of ladies and i saw someone! It has been almost 9yrs in havent met her, erm, actually talk to her. saw her few years back during her wedding. Suhaira! My bestfriend back in Munshi.

At first i tot, salah org since, it was 4++am in the morning, and what is she doing outside? with friends? Then, bila dah borak2, got to know that she work at MIMOS now, in TPM too. and on night shift this week, hehe. what a co-incidence. after sooo looonnnggg, now we are back in the same place, not exactly. She was a friend who i shared ups and downs in those early teen days. we were friends since day 1 in high school. heh. sit next to each other for ~ 3 yrs, hihi. even in first few days during form one, we always got our name mixed up, cikgu called shuhadah, she put up her hand, cikgu called for Suhaira, i put up my hand. weng. ~ am happy :). always feel guilty - that my friendship with her sort of erm.. terabai after form 5 when both of us start to get busy with each other's life. Now, my dear friend, already have a baby boy, whom his father baby sit him at night this week, nnt anak aku pn gitu la kot. berangan..

ok lah.. nak p cari makan..

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