Thursday, September 21, 2006

what actually.. are u looking for, shu?
been thinking for quite sometimes now. what am i actually looking for? who am i waiting for? mr perfect, who is actually does not even exist? I been turning down ppl, hurting ppl's feeling - thats not really my intention, but the matter of the heart is unforceable, at least, i think so.
today, after one more ******, i am now staring at my notebook screen and typing here. not sure what to write but i need somewhere to pour out everything. everything which i do not know how to put into words and sentences. really confuse right now. is it wrong for me to wait for someone who i really like to come into my life? sometimes i turned down someone without even getting to know him better. bad girl. what's happening to me? d-uh.
anyone who read this. sorry if u dont understand head n tail. since this is so happened to be my blog, so its really up to me on what the content going to be.


Anonymous said...

don't be sorry shu...u have to do what u have to do. "someday sun will shine again".

Miss Kuza said...

kite tak nak trime org lain dan rase tak ingin utk mengenali dia,sbb kite dh takde hati...sbb kite menunggu seseorg...sbb kite dh letih utk jmp seseorg yg tidak luar biasa...
take ur time...doa semoga,dia untukmu...take care dear!

Izhal said...

hmmmm... try a forklift driver :) heheh...

shu said...


yea.. someday huh..

yeah.. yg tipikal adalah bosan. tapi aku juga tipikal aje. haha..
dia mungkin bukan utk aku, tapi aku hrp dia utk aku. berbunga2 dunia ku kalau benar lah.. thanks.

forklift driver would be great.. ramai kat f&n shah alam. tapi takde sapa suka kat saya.. haha... maybe a japanese forklifter.. erm..

Anonymous said...

Life doesn't always turns out how we want it to be kan..? Truly, the matter of heart is no where near forcible. I'm pretty sure you're not looking for the perfect person, however, I'm very sure that there is a perfect person for you. :)
I could be wrong, but I think you already have someone in mind. Perhaps you should put in some effort to make him notice. ;) Well, as my friend always put it, God works in mysterious ways.
Ouh..BTW, I stumbled upon your blog while looking for ideas on how to write one. :D . Nice work. Nice graphics. Keep blogging. :)

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