Saturday, November 11, 2006

Cosy Sunday

it looks good out there..
jog n swim would be nice..
yet, i am here..
besides my bed..
damn bloody lazy..
updating my blog with blahblah..

a day before,
my parents and I,
reviewed the latest promo,
promo of Swift,
not sure what my decision is,
am still floating,
but i lurve that car,
a lot..

what shall i do today?
perhaps just lying around,
waiting for The Call,
not from a special person,
from office,
and i hv a work to be done,
at 9:00GMT,
v lazy indeed..

oh, i know what should i do!
watching tv whole day long..
totally spice,
pretty tight up schedule, huh?
am craving for some movies,
at cineme though,
hv to wait for my sweetheart,
to come home..

its Sunday!!

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