Saturday, November 18, 2006


what a week..

roberto, terry,

graham, yoonyi,

they were here,

for a week,

extra hours of working,

were what it was,

for the rest of us,

for the whole week..



juggling between those..

despite the hecticity( ? ),

its been fun!

learning new things,

met yoonyi :),

she's the only basis girl,

in axon uk..

MAY got home yesterday,

this morning went to fix tyres,

my phobia aint over,

was shaking to drive home,

on friday rainy afternoon..


i am going to raya!

my raya stopped on 31st Oct,

today, continue back.

for those who hv helped,

giving me lift,

to shop,

to work,

thanks a bunch..

really appreciate it..

not many ppl will be there for u,

esp when u r in deep sh*t..

thats normal,,

fact of life,


have a nice weekend, folks!!

1 comment:

ska_ocean said...

Just read ur page.
Sian awak!
Ade cedera x?
Neway, ur new DISASTER page sgt Beautiful.
Aku jelous.

Stay tuff girl!
Happy weekend.