Tuesday, November 21, 2006


in a box..

today me n mk,
had lunch together,
been a long time,
since the last time,
that there were,
only the two of us..

v tired,
of the same thing,
not exactly the same,
but almost,
the same..

am thinking,
how could i change this,
this feeling,
this thing that happening,
its easy,
if i really put my head n effort,
on it..

the whole lunch time,
we were talking,
on how we felt this lately,
and what to do..

mk said,
you are still young,
better think of what,
u really want to do..

we had lunch,
in lunchbox..

i think,
i am going to start,
thinking of what,
i really want,
in life..

my whole life,
i dont wanna spend it,
in a box..

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