Monday, November 06, 2006

Raya 2006

Raya this year is an awesome ones ~ perhaps, blue was the theme. As years passed by, seems like things are getting plainer and plainer. Raya during KID moments are much much much way too cool and merrier ~ perhaps its because i was the one of those cute kids running around my grandfather's house, playing around with cousins, playing with the fireworks until there are holes in baju raya (sapa punya kerja?), exchanging 'made-up' horror stories with bukhari in the middle of the night when others trying to get some sleep, slumber sleeping at the hall of my atuk's house. those were 'some' moments, many others, memorable ones.

Nowadays, first raya, Atuk's house is empty. No one there. Most of my cousins, uncles and aunties are in KL. Everyone gathered only on 2nd Hari Raya. But i guess, thats how its going to be from now on. perhaps later we are going to see each other much lesser as the family is growing and everyone have own responsibility and events.

As usual, raya is the time where i heard these sentences/questions the MOST:
"you are the youngest?"
"bila la Shu nak besar ni?"
"bila nak kawen?"
"la, kecik nya kakak.."

And the things that always come out of my mouth:
"ha ah"
"esok la"
"August nanti"
"biasa la.."

Raya this year, there's few things were not done:
- we didnt take family picture
- we didnt go to nek ngah's house? huh.. n sedara sebelah nek ngah..
- i didnt upload pics in fotopages as i didnt snap any.. :p..
- bla bla bla

oh, my eyes are closing.. this has to end abruptly. need to work early in the morning..

so, daa..

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