Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thanks..v much ~~

These few days, have been 'some' days for me. Trying to pull myself back together. Figuring out where the bits and pieces have gone to. I found myself just staring emptily at almost everything, at almost anything people say. I worked slower than before. i am thinking much much slower than before. Its just too hard for me to digest things lately. Maybe, i am just shocked. But at least, now i am no longer jumping up from bed while sleeping at night because i dreamt of the incident that happened. The physical damage was not bad, what people saw happened to the car was not much. What haunted me was not the wrecked of the car but was the incident itself. I am just too blessed. Some making a joke out of what happened to me, not sure why is it SO funny. perhaps because it was not happened to them, it just happened to one of the thousands people that they know, so what does it matter, isnt it? I dont want any sympathy as it does not change anything. I just need a friend, not more than that. However, now, everything is just fine. I am able to smile and laugh esp when watching 'Dennis the menace' this evening, dont ask why, am not sure though, senget kot.

Syukur to Allah, i am still here. Thanks to my parents for being there for me during one of the toughest moments in my life - for the time being. Thanks to my sisters/cousins/uncle/auntie for the support and help.

'be happy'..
thats what i told myself..
'be strong'..
thats what i need to be..

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Anonymous said...

kenapa nie shu? apa yg terjadi?