Saturday, March 31, 2007

:: From Doormat to Flying Carpet ::

When i was in uni, there's a subject called Public Speaking where i think its a compulsory subject. Its pretty tough subject for me as i am not very well verse on my English, put aside the nervousness of talking in front of others. What could be worse when u hv to talk in front of a bunch of people in a language that you are not really good at? Ah, btw, its not too many people in that class, just a small amount of students.

Through out the course, we have to speak in public for few times. few times we got to prepare it earlier and i think about once or twice we had to do it on the spot. I was lucky i got a nice lecturer and i think pretty nice classmates where we supported each other, though there were only 4 malays in the class, one of us always missed the class (MIA). The subject i think was kinda good for me, at least i do get to brush up some communication skills. As my uni is using bahasa melayu as a medium language, so English was an ALIEN to me. I preferred to write rather than speak in english back then. Its all because of I didnt practice much. So, when i went for my industrial training, i felt so awkward where everyone was speaking in English. For the first few weeks there, i just kept quiet, minding my own business. As time goes by, things get better. But yet, still need improvements, no one is perfectoo....

ah.. i am going way out of my point. Back to it then! One of my topics for my public speaking was on how to boost our self-esteem. I always picked a topic out of IT areas, not my fav.. sorry doh. And my topics usually comes from CLEO :p and of course i have to enhance the search from library and net as my lecturer wants a good references.

So, here i want to share few tips from cleo too, regarding slightly same topic, i think they are not the same points that i have during the public speaking class.. but, wth, i just wanna share.. to improve myself, and maybe if u wanna pick up one or two tips from here, you are very much welcome.

How we wanna transform from a doormat to a flying carpet?? can we? (we are not a doormat! hiahia)

  1. write down your thought in a journal daily. That way you become aware of what you are saying to youself.
  2. Then journal the things for which you are truly grateful and what you like about yourself. Focus on the positive aspects of your life.
  3. Look for the reasons you take other people's lives more seriously than your own. Why do u valued them more than yourself?
  4. Challenge your self-beliefs around how much or little you value yourself.
  5. Find ways to start trusting yourself, your abilities and skills.
  6. Look back at all your successes and keep a list visible for when you are feeling worthless.
  7. Look at the personal 'cost' of keeping poor self-esteem.
  8. stop comparing yourself to others as this always sets you up for failure.
  9. Look for professional assistance and pratical ways that can help u break the cycles. A life coach could help you to take charge of your life and live it to the best of your ability.
  10. Be honest to yourself: decide exactly how u feel about yourself now and ask whether do you want to change that.

May all of us always be a shining shimmering flying carpet!

luv ya, muahhh..


nurulliza alfian said... pon nak 'terbang' jugak! =)

Miss Kuza said...

Public Speaking,camna la ko bley kembalikan ingatan aku dlm kelas tu...lawak je bile pk,alhamdulillah,da grad pon kite... :D