Tuesday, March 13, 2007

~New face

Days seemed 'gloomy' and 'cloudy' to me lately. Its hard for me to let out a sincere and heartful laugh. But today, i managed to entertain and cheer myself up, by letting go. Letting go something that you like when its about time for it to go away, perhaps is the best cure. Rather than waiting for the replacement.

Few things happened perhaps not directly to me but to people around me, people whom i love and dear so much. My youngest sister achieved something that really makes her happy (i think). She sacrifices a lot, yet, there's good return out of it. So, last Saturday we went to JB Puteri Pacific to attend the ceremony which award her as Tokoh Nilam negeri johor. I never even heard of this nilam thingy before. It stands for something, not really sure, but it relates to reading, and they will test you not only in writing, but orally, co-curricular activities that students were involve and academic achievement. I am happy for her. At least, she looks happy.

We also attended family day last weekend ~ my mum's side of family, which being held for the first time. Pretty good and the response are good too. a lot of people i never met before. felt like an alien, but at least at the end, we got to know some more people than during the time we just arrived.

i feel like i could use a long break. I am tired. Tired of.. erm almost everything. haha.. feel like going somewhere ulu where i could just relax and relax and relax and sleep!

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