Sunday, March 25, 2007


People do not like when we complain a lot. whining whining whining, is that all you can do? thats what people will say or think when u keep complaining. 'bla bla blahh'..

In life, there are times when we are up floating in the sky and there are times when we sunk right to the bottom of the pacific ocean. There are times we go 'HA HA HA', there are times we tend to 'sob sob sob'. As human beings, we have feelings and i sincerely think we have right to feel whatever that we need to feel in this life. Feel is a gift to each person ~ thats what i think. What u think? - i dont care, haha.

Everybody has their own way to feel happy. Some are just happy with doing everything the same order as it is day by day and do not want any of the ritual changed. Some feel happy just by having a peek at the love one's face every morning. Some are just being happy travelling around the world 365 days a year - argh, this one is nice, think i'll settle for this. Some just simply not sure how to make themselves happy. sian me.

As said, there are ups and downs. Just how to handle both so that we dont get carried away or lose our way. There are times, i just follow the flow, thinking perhaps this is what thats meant for me. There are times too, that i wanna change how things go around, coz changes sometimes, make me see what i missed all these while. There are a lot more in life to be ventured and life is not that long - i think.

i dont want to get carried away or lose my way. I just wanna be happy or at least glad with what i have done in my life, at least it is not wasted. If ppl ask me how, sincerely, i have NO idea. as always, everything looks blur to me.

Someone told me, to do what i feels right. Yeah, thats it! But, what it is? hehe.. hell, i am blur as always. Everything is always not enough to me, isk isk. Should be thankful for what i have, and work harder to gain more in life.

Perhaps this entry seems to be going no where without any point, so does my mind. Ah, btw, the title is already explaining the content, i am whining. so, ignore me if u want to, i care not~~

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