Sunday, April 08, 2007

:: pump it up!! ::

Its now coming to the end of this weekend. Phewh, how fast time flies. belum puas bersantai, esok perlu ke kantor semula. Tapi esok keje petang! Sepanjang weekend ni hanya bersenang-lenang. Merayap di midvalley dan giant mencari beberapa barang yang mostly tak jumpa. Few things dapat la. Sempat juga ke rumah my uncle di ttdi utk jumpa birthday boy; haziq yg amat comei, hiahia.

Ah.. wanna share something, from cleo, again :p. Titled 'How to Rock Your SINGLE world'. Here are some instant SSE (Single Self-esteem) boosters:

  • Make an SSE kit. Fill it up with mags, movies, beauty products and choc, when u feel lonely, just whip it up!
  • Take a soul holiday, either by yourself or a friend.
  • Sick of others flashing their ring? Buy your own ring! haha.,.
  • Make some guy friends and get a dose of male company without complication.
  • Take on 3 big challenges this year - focus on it.
  • Get creative (and social) - get a blog etc.
  • Do one good deed a day. Donate to charity, help old lady on the LRT etc. You'll feel good 24/7 and the karma wont go astray either.
  • Get a pet, decorate, exercise, move house etc. There are million ways to rock our single world - lets make it happen!

Have a nice day, folks!

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