Friday, April 27, 2007

:: Unique Seafood ::

Last Thursday, our team went for dinner at Unique Seafood (the name is longer but it just doesnt get register in my brain), PJ, since Roberto, Terry and Bryan came down here. For Terry, maybe he actually came up.

We ate a lot - steamed fish, oyster, prawn, etc.. but i think the food in Bangsar seafood is nicer and environment also better. But we've been there few times, so this time we changed the venue. Ok la.. Letak anything pun kat our table sure licin. Hihi. meja kami jugak la paling meriah. Kat mana Ferry ade, kat situ la paling happening.. ye ke.. maybe lah.

Around 10++pm kami pun balik. Esok nya nak kene keje pukul 7am. sigh. tp dtg lmbt.. haha..

More pic here..
erm.. aku terasa,
mcm kehilangan,
tapi.. tak berapa sure..
kehilangan apa..

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