Saturday, June 09, 2007

Abg Abid's wedding - 9th June

On 9th June, we went to Klang for Abg Abid's (my cuzzie) and Kak liza's wed. They nikah last weekend. This weekend only majlis on Abg Abid's side. Semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat :). Tahniah. Dah 3/4 years i think since the last time there's a marriage in our family. But this year and next year maybe ade lagi la kot. Cam ramai dah sampai seru je :p.

While waiting for the bride to arrive, as we (me, mardhiah, ewa and aufa) got nothing much to do, we just sit around and play with our cute cousin Yusofi, before he was brought back to his mother.

Sigh, so cute and cuddly, macam my Buu or Buumoque as called by mardhiah. Yet, very very active. Tak reti dok diam. Abes sume bende dia nak main.. haih, comei!

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