Sunday, June 17, 2007

~being happy~

These few days, my time were pretty much packed. its not like i got a lot of things to do, just go to work, come home and sleep. the next day, going for same the cycle again and again. But yet i am feeling a bit tired, not feeling very well too.

Weekend were packed too. Either with wedding invitations or other matters to attend too. guess, its good to hv a lot of things to do, keep me away from having to think of something thats bit troubling me these few days. some said, just enjoy the happiness that we have now, before it ends.. rather than waiting and worrying that its gonna end pretty much sooner than we thought.

Yesterday, i went to another wedding, my mum's relative's wed. dah berapa weekends activity nya p rumah org kawen je. Serabut jugak wedding di hari2 hujan ni, dgn lecak nyer. Kalau panas sangat, rase cam rimas. Bila hujan, rimas gak. After the wedding, pegi ampang, my aunt's plc. ada family gath. Makan2 dan makan2 sampai kenyang. Balik rumah dah 11+pm. Chatting sekejap. Then, i had some rest, and at 2:50am my phone rang, almost missed the call - too tired. Northgate calling me, i got some planned tasks to be done for TfL at 3am this morning, sigh.. my head was spinning, actually still spinning. Almost 10am this morning i went to bed. Today i am not going anywhere since i am on call. Pretty bored. But my sis n my mum were here, so not so bad la.

Now as i got nothing to do.. i want to watch summore VCD~~ esok pagi keje :(

have a great week ahead, friends.. ^-^
"Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times." Anon

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