Friday, July 13, 2007

* a b s o l u t e _ r u b b ! s h *

This entry wud be noth!ng but just a bla bla bla, am rubbishing, need to get it out of my system, somehow.

Lately, my brain is a bit serabut &sd*nts%jdf^vfn!df#. Hmm.. I am not entirely sure why and i definitely don't like the feeling. sometimes, i just feel like being alone on my own. Feel like packing up my things and go away for a while (again this feeling is coming~). Its not that i am not happy with ppl around me, i just need to catch a breath, to think over few rubbish matters. But, there's definitely no way am getting a *timeout* these days. Though old enuff, yet i am still a 'kid'. sometimes, i really hope someone cud understand me which apparently - not yet ~ after all these years. hm.. hope the shopping theraphy tomorrow would help.
The worst feelings that i hv these days is as though am being cheated. sigh. i hate these kind of feelings. though its just my own feeling, its somehow really affects my mood. thats y sumhow i feel like going away. at least, i didnt hurt ppl around me with my fluctuating mood. sometimes feel cheated, sumtimes i got jealous tak bertempat, bosan2. I am tired of myself.

Esok nak shopping ~~~ !! ye ye je.. last2 tak bli ape2 pun.. blurgh..

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