Saturday, July 07, 2007

Company trip 2007 - Phuket Island - 28th June till 1st July

This year we went to Phuket, Thailand for company trip. It took me a while to publish this entry. Pretty lazy these few days (hihi, actually since forever~).

i departed from KLIA on Friday, 29th June 2007, our flight was at 9:30am. Reached Phuket, i cant remember what time, it was a week ago - my memory is getting worst~. Our guide already at the airport, waiting for our arrivals. Then we were brought for some tour around the island, erm, basically to a shop selling junk food - which pretty erm.. then to a tshirt factory (they call it :p), got cheap2 tshirt there, bought few shirts. Then, we went to makan, again, i forgot the restaurant name - but it got a view as pic below. :)

Were pretty hungry at that mo. and sleepy and tired.. sigh. Makan2, then we were brought to Hilton Arcadia where we stayed thru out the trip. Around 3pm got presentation from the management which i was excused as i was on nite shift nite before. So, i was sleeping till almost 6pm when nikki came back to our room asked me whether i wanna walk at the beach. Went down a bit later than the others as i am still pretty blur :D as always. The waves were pretty strong - no one mandi there oso. cant imagine what it is like when tsunami happened.

That nite we went to Lobster Restaurant at Patong Beach for dinner. No lobster there anyway~ After makan, some went for Thai girl show etc, i went to jalan2 at the Bangla road. Nothing much except bunch of ppl not wearing much clothes on - haha blueeekk loya tekak ku. oppss sorry~.

Ha.. tgk mat saleh tu, dia nak makan nyumy nyumy..~ aku kebosanan masa ni. Letih pun ya. Tak tau ape nak buat, snap aje lah gambar orang2. Nampak tak power cable diorg berselirat.. :p even kat bangkok pun same aje :D hehe.. style lah kot.

Ha.. this is my room.. shared with Nikki. Katil yg dah berserabut tu was mine as aku dah rasmi dulu since didnt went to the management presentation.

Saturday, we went to Coral Island for team building. Naik speed boat. Hari ni mood aku kureng sket esp when aku dah start getting bored there. I got very lazy to talk, erm sorry to someone -as dia complained :-S. Games for that day tak bnyk - but ok. Not as tiring as last year. :).

I sempat tried the parasail oso.. erm.. its ok la. My parachute punya tali were pretty menyakitkan my face.. nikki said the second time she tried she also sakit on each side of her face. Maybe that parachute yg dah rosak, other than that, parasail is pretty ok. Maybe after this wanna try bungee jump, but dun wanna jump alone.. hmm.. will see whose the victim.

After the team building, we went back to our hotel and i had some rest. some of us keluar for shopping. Malam tu, we had a Gala Night and some awards being given out. After that, kami keluar to Patong Beach lagi..~~

On Sunday - woke up pretty late. Me and Nikki amongst the last to had our breakfast hehe. Then we just walk around the hotel. At 12noon, checked out. Then we jalan2 a bit - pegi Chalong Wat - the Buddist Temple. Then pegi lunch at - tak igt what hotel, but its the hotel in the pic below, if u can read Thai, maybe u can tell me :p.

Petang tu, we were sent back to the Airport, flight delayed for 2 hrs. Reached my home around Monday 1:30am. Phewh.. tired, but still beareable. But saket kaki :D......

Pergi lagi? erm.. lemme see... erm.. erm.. erm.. see lah.. :p

More pic, erm, u know where, if u know :D.

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