Monday, July 23, 2007

: : Haji Ismail Family Day 2007 : :

This year Family Day were held at Kalumpang Resort and Training Center, Hulu Selangor. Event started on 21st July - with Treasure Hunt as soon as we exit the highway Bukit Beruntung - we were to reset the tripmeter once we passed the toll. We took off from shah alam around 8:40am. My family convoyed with Bush's car as my dad's car meter uses miles/hr not km/p so we cant follow the tulips correctly - but my sister had also convert the reading so that we could have a clue where we exactly at. The treasure hunt also made none of us sleep on the way there.

We reached the KRTC at around 12pm. Some of family members oredi there. Our family got one chalet to ourselver. We, kids slept at the attic :p. Pretty free after that as parents got meeting till late in the evening, guess what me n mardhiah did, we slept as though nothing going on. After tea time, we went back to the chalet and hv some girl-talk. after mandi and maghrib, we went back to the hall where our family have it for the two days. That nite we have some performance from family members, some awards to be given, answers for the treasure hunt (guess what, my family won!!!! hiahia..) and some goodie bags for kids under 15 where apparently few lucky adults like abg wab, kak sabihah, me, mardhiah, baya, aufa and odah oso get it:D. The nite ended with the distribution of our family tshirt - color for this year is Green.

That nite i was having difficult time to sleep, bloody cold. didnt bring any blanket or sweater, damn. for previous years, nvr hv to bring blankets, so this year wasnt expect that they didnt provide any blanket, sigh2.

On Sunday, morning we have a family photo session after breakfast. Then, game time! This year my team was called 'Dubuk'. I nvr knew how dubuk looked like. As my dad explained, it looks like dog, but uglier. My team consist od my dad, abg wab, joe, zabid (absent), mak ngah, me, kak Liza (new family member, abg abid's wife), makcik sarah, shazan, auni, hariz, najwa, izni n aisyah. Apparently our team lack of adults. Our sepanduk - as abg wab holding the materials and came down late that morning - we only hv less than 15 mins to come up with the logo etc, we ended up with motto - KALUT. Hm.. i forgot to capture the pic of the sepanduk - its kalut, dubuk kalut. :D. Everyone contribute their creativity. Btw, our team tak win the games - got 3 placing out of 5 teams. Bayangkan nak tarik tali in the pool summore - team dah la ramai yang kenit2 je.. habis la.. Water polo oso kene hentam habis2. My dad said, if zabid's around we cud win :p. my brother cant come, anyway. its ok, win too much oso not good. :D

After the games, we had lunch, prize giving ceremony and - we went back to shah alam.

tired and sleepy.. i didnt snap any pic this year, tunggu la pic from abg mahadi's camera, which turn out to me the good2 ones.

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