Monday, August 06, 2007

At times, it cud be pretty lonely around here. sumtimes when i hope to hv sumone to talk to, there's just no one around. everything is just a dead thing. the phone also hardly ring, even when it had problem these few days to read its simcard, i am too lazy to bother - what gud cud it bring, its not like the phone is being used most of the time. only to type some sms-es. silence - a moment to be treasured ~ maybe.

i wanna go away..
far away...


mIsS wEeDa said...

well..yeah.. life can be gnirob (spell it backward :p) sumtyms.. like u said in d previous entry-it's a matter of choice..

bosan2, g la bwk swipboy jenjalan ;)

shu said...

yeah, true.. now tgh siap2 nak bwk my beloved boy jalan2 :p.