Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So Long.. Goodbye

This blog has finally comes to it's end. I thought i could keep this blog till it reaches 500 entries, or at least till end of this year. But, i hv decided - this is it. After this, there might not be any entry here. I will continue blogging, but to a different url, ppl who knew me well enuff might be able to guess my new url - but dont trouble yourself, when new blog is ready - i'll release the url. Thanks for the readers that have sacrificed themselves to read this Blog since back in 2004 i think ~ arigato ne...

some already asked 'why closing?' - i hv no exact answer..

Have a NICE day~

sometimes when u feel cheated
or truly betrayed
it just hurt inside
sometimes when u knew
something fishy going on
behind your back
it just hurt inside

This blog is officially CLOSED


zura lias said...

adah..nape mau berhenti?jgn lupe kasik new url ek...happy2 sokmo...:D

mIsS wEeDa said...

aishh?nape kah mau tukar baru? emm, whatever ur reason is, aku sgt kagum la ko blei bertahan ngan blog ni since 2004, compared to aku yg dah 4,5,6 kali tukar blog. juz kali nih jer nak bertahan lamer sket. cuma tukar nurl baru sbb kantoi ngan ofismate. huhu.

nway, nnti bitau ur new url, k.

Wan Faziatul Amira said...

dont forget to tell me ya!!

dania said...

ko jgn tak bitau aku lak url baru ko.aku mogok 100 hari nnt

CresceNet said...

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