Monday, February 25, 2008

My first time seeing London Eye

After two years working at the company im working now.. I finally they sent me to UK, just for two weeks. I have a knowledge transfer here as part of BP core team as the project just went live and we are taking over the whole support "kot". So, on Saturday nite or early MY sunday morning i departed to London. was very nervous as i never travel alone esp a long distance trip. Syukur my 'uncle' rajin teman.

Thanks for accompanying me..

Touchdown in UK at 6.15am GMT Sunday morning. After settling immigration thingy, claim baggage and everything its already 7.30am. Took a blackcab to City Tower, Canary Wharf. City Tower is the apartment I am staying. The cab driver drive macam pelesit. Then he said sorry sebab rupanya ada football match nanti. He said its a BIG match and will definitely be jam. Rupanya Chelsea v portsmouth kot. Tapi masa lalu at the town sempat jg la get a glimpse of buckingham palace, london eye etc. I will be working at Canada Square, Canary Wharf :). I am super tired. As I barely sleep in the flight. 3 hrs out of 13 hrs that I am able to sleep. Thanks to the guy sitting behind me, rasa macam nak sue je.

Reached my apartment at 8:45am, clean up and settled down. Keluar with azli, kula and megan at 10:30am. Jalan2 ard london.

First destination pagi tu is Liverpool street. Ha masa sampai situ dah nampak dah ramai org lepak2 at the bar and outside the bar, waiting for the game to start kot. @ Liverpool street which something like pasar malam i didnt buy anything much. Mood shopping belum sampai. Anyway i didnt see anything nice there. then we had lunch at ard 1pm. Fish and chips, not my fav food, not even close. telan je la.

Then after that took a bus to London Bridge. Below is the view from london bridge. then we cross the bridge and walk around to the Tower Bridge. Ha, jauh la jgk.. but sebab jalan meraban2 je so tak la rasa too tired.

View from London Bridge, the bridge in the pic is Tower bridge. Thats Thames River... :)

On the London Bridge, not yet falling down...

This is.. erm i cant recall what it is. Sort of part of a ship. War thingy. dun ask me why the boys tertonggeng2 like that.. maybe its just their style.

ha.. nice sume pic masa merayap2, gambar dgn telur la.. erm.. Below gambar seorg celebrity mesia yg tgh what shooting tepi Thames River. Dialog yg aku terdengar "Apa yg menarik tentang London ni...". Dah la aku kena paksa p amik gambar dgn dia. the guys yg terasa nak gambo dia. aku yg jadi mangsa. Pastu nak jual kat Harian Metro, ceh. dah2. malas.

Ni la insan yang dah kempunan nak makan ice cream time2 sejok cam ni. kagum.

After azli selesai makan ice cream we went for a boat ride, cripplers or something its called. The ride was from Tower Bridge to Waterloo.

Reached Waterloo, we are again on our foot, berjalan semahu nyer walau kaki dah terasa nak tercabut. And there you go.. the London Eye. Tak naik pun, malas ah.

The we reached the Big Ben, or Houses of Parliament with big clock that went ding dong ding dong. :p Masa ni its just stopped raining. Makin sejoks. We went to Westminster Abbey, you know the church yang da vincci code nyer citer tu. But didnt went it, of course. It closed anyway.

Ha... look RIGHT! Its getting dark, dah start pasang lampu and its only 5pm i think.

We are heading to Buckingham Palace. Lalu St James' Park. Mak aih punya besar park.. kaki pun dah loose.

Finally, we reached the Palace, of course Will not there. sigh. :p I'll come here again next Sunday to watch the guard change.

There you go. Took me few days to get this entry done. Why? Erm dont ask. So, during week days i just go to work and balik tido. By 8pm normally I have fell asleep bcoz its already late in MY and woke up at 4/5am here. Still jetlagging. sigh.
Have a nice day everyone!


bahiyahnor said...

wahhh~!!! bila nak bawak baya ke sana??? =P

ich bin niemand said...

hey ho!! dah sampai UK rupanya...
bila nak visit aku kat jerman haa? haaA?!!

anyway : congratulations sekali lagi dah bertunang. YEAY!!
happy for u lah....

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