Monday, February 18, 2008

Something worth fighting for..

"you want to go to middle east? oh dont la, there they never treat ladies nicely". "masak apa ni??". "i think u better dont see them blabla". "no, we are not going to provide those for them". "thats wrong, u have to cook like this!".

Maybe those didnt sound so negative to u. Not so negative to me either, but if it comes with certain intonation, i did break my heart a bit. Everything is CANNOT. NO. WHAT? DONT.

Sometimes its bit delightful if the people around u being a bit supportive and encouraging. Not that whenever we say something that we want to do or our opinion on certain things everything being replied in negative ways or being turned down or snapped at. Keep thinking why it keep happening and nobody tends to try changing this. When people keep doing so to me, i tend to back off from everything that i feel like trying or doing. In the end, i'll feel like im lost, that i couldnt try what i have wanting to do. And maybe i'll grew old feeling so.

So, nowadays, i train myself to keep everything, my thought, my ideas, my wish, my plan, to myself. Why? Simply becoz i dont want certain people to mess around with my head or my life anymore. This might be wrong, but i think this is what gonna happen for near coming future. Maybe people just want to give advice to me, but the way certain people doing it, are just not acceptable to me. Of course, its not everyone. Just some people who do not know how to communicate best. Or maybe simply want to piss me off.

To me, in life, we've got to have something that we dreamt of so that we could go on living and fighting for what we wish for. Life might be more interesting and fun that way. Dont u think so?

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