Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"I lurve surprises"

Today I am on MC. Apparently my 2nd hand tummy acting up again. So, today I am just stuck at home. Erm actually went out earlier but not for long as tak larat nak jalan2. Supposed to start work at 4pm till 12midnight. But today, seriously tak larat.

In the morning, pegi bangsar to take my certificate. Then singgah midvalley to checkout few shoes that I've been eyeing for my wedding. Apparently perut yg tak stable ni menyebabkan my shopping mood terbantut. Masuk Watson, bought few things, called my mum while cari2 barang, ended up bergayut in Watson for a while. After habis borong there, keluar, cari makanan ringan2 :( i cant really eat heavy food. Tummy just wont accept. sigh. Then heading home. Dah lama jgk tak dapat lepak lama2 kat rumah, watching Disney etc :D. Eh, I also watch Discovery Channel today. Hmm.. proud of myself (sekali sekala).

Been trying to change my blog skin, but I gave up. Dah tak larat nak pikir macam2. Ended up, I am writing this entry :p.

Tanpa sedar, today dah pertengahan April :-s Cepatnya masa berlalu. Aku pulak leka je :(. Mama dah bising. Takpe2 slow2. Dulu2 tak terpikir yg bnyk bende rupanya nak kene settle nak kawin ni. igtkan main aci redah je. alih2 bnyk nya bende nak kena uruskan. Legal stuff pun bnyk. masak...

Btw, about the title of this entry - erm surprises, yep of course i luv surprises, nice surprises. But lately, there's no surprises anymore. Life's been pretty dull. Anyway, I should always be happy for what I have. Be thankful :) no matter what. So, I am not gonna tell any surprises that has happened here as nothing happened to be told. :p

Dear Friends, please keep 9th August 2008 free for me. :) Thanks!!!!

Shu :-*


Miss Kuza said...

yup...lately,aku pon dh takde surprises....rindu jugak nk surprise...(heheh..ble cmtu?)
ko glabah,nani pon glabah...
seme yg nk kawen,ade wabak glabah2 ek...hehehe...
baik ko prepare awal2....:D

shu said...

heheh glabah is style..

haha style la sgt..