Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"what i always do these days"

  1. shaking Boo - dunno why, he'll nod nod nod his head (he got no other choice), cute..
  2. merajuk merajuk merajuk ~ "if i hvnt merajuk in a day, hari tu belum complete"
  3. went to shopping mall and buy nothing. am so impress!
  4. drive laju macam minah senget, ntah ape2 je la
  5. @ work selalu termenung mengadap SAP notes, then i fell asleep.
  6. always longing for food but I just dunno what to eat other than junk food, erm not that junk la..
  7. berangan - normal la ni, dari kecik sampai ke tua
  8. not being at home
  9. sleep very early, wake up super late, then i'll be stuck in the jam. arrr that reminds me, i got to go to bed now.
Daaa... nite nite...

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