Friday, September 05, 2008

am back!

am back from my short hiatus. started working last monday. ah, thats not something that i am looking out for. back to work, urgh.. not fun, not fun at all. since when was it ever fun to me? hihi..

1st sept started working, same day we started puasa. my hubby is on morning shift, while I am on evening shift. great isnt it. bulan puasa, on evening shift plk. first 4hrs of working time, i am considered as not productive at all. why? no need to mention. first time puasa with suami terchenta, i didnt really get to really spent time for berbuka. have to rush to go back to office. but, no biggie. thats the downside of working on shift and when both are working on shift, u can imagine how. urgh.

for now, all wedding ceremony thingies are almost done (hutang belum habis bayar hee). my head is much lighter than what it was 7 weeks ago. whee.. what left is to wait for the photographers to come out with the photos which i dont know when. keep on postponing. what i can do now is just to wait.. and watch Numbers :p

since my wedding ceremony is just over my account is kekeringan, the vision now is to fill it up and looking for a property affordable enough for me to buy. even if we wont stay there for good, at least we have a place thats really ours and i can put all my stuffs there :D or rent it out if we have to.

erm.. i better stop nagging, its heading nowhere. i need to surf around for some recipeeeee.. :d have a good day and good weekend, folks!


Ibu Emir said...

eeee bile nak post gambar kawin erk especially yang dekat jakarta.. nak tengok jugak macam mane orang sane buat kenduri

shu said...

errr.. gambar belum dpt la mira :(. Yg kat jakarta lagi la, silap2 masa raya baru kitorg dpt..